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Before you are getting started please read this carefully:

  • Because the menus are different some of them can be modified fully and some not
  • All browsers should display the generated menu the same
  • There is no "Undo"/"Redo" option
  • There is no limitation to the depth and nesting of the menu elements although the appearance will not exceed three levels depth.
  • If you navigate from the editor layout page the project is lost, because we care about your privacy we don't keep a shadow version of the project
  • Because this tool is constantly updated make sure you click F5(Refresh/Reload Page) before starting a new project even if you just loaded the page
  • Some browsers have 'Mouse gestures' (Opera),disable them while working or you will experience strange behaviour
  • Currently this editor is untested for compatibility with mobile devices

Menu Explorer

Menu Explorer
Menu explorer allows you to organize the menu itself using DnD - Drag and Drop model.
Clicking the item will bring it's Title and URL to "Edit Menu Items" block. Thus will allow you to modify each item separately.
Click and hold (long click) will allow you to start DnD (Drag and Drop) on selected menu item and it's children.

Menu Levels - Menu structure

Menu Levels - Menu structure
Main Menu Appearance - navigation main row.
*Second Level Menu Appearance - fist level children of navigation main row.
*Third Level Menu Appearance - second (and rest of menu nesting) level children of navigation main row.
* - Inner text in those windows will not change they present to allow ease of editing.

Menu Editor Tabs

Menu Editor Tabs

The Menu Editor Tabs allows quick and comfortable editor navigation.
Menu - contains main menu content modification and project build options.
Text - contains all tools for text modification that are possible in current menu.
Foreground - contains all tools for items foreground modification that are possible in current menu.
Background - contains all tools for level background modification that are possible in current menu.
Active Items - contains all tools for active/selected menu item modification that are possible in current menu.

Edit Menu Items

Edit Menu Items
This block allows you to edit/modify menu items.
Item Title - define it to user for quick and easy way to navigate by giving it a short unique name.
Item Link - define a full or relative URL on your site.
New Item - same as for Item Title but will be used only when added as new item.
+ Button - adding new menu item in the end of the menu as set in New Item, if such not set will add new item with title: "New Item".


Build Generate HTML5 CSS5 Code
Clicking on this you will be prompted with a full screen pop-up that will show the generated CSS and HTML code.
Right Click on CSS or HTML window will select all displayed code.
Clicking on the image URL will navigate you to the image itself.
Also you can download the project with all its source code files and images by clicking on "Download ZIP File".

Watch On-line "How-To" Help Tutorials

Click to watch YouTube overview tutorial Watch
This is an play list containing short tutorials explaining how to use this on-line horizontal/vertical menu generator tool.
Watch them to get a brief understanding on operating the menu editor tabs: Menu,Text,Foreground,Background and Active Items.
For better explanation and understanding turn on subtitles.
Consider minimal browser support
Minimal requirement Internet Explorer 9+ IE 9+
Minimal requirement Safari 5.0.0+ Safari 5+
Minimal requirement Opera 12+ Opera 12+
Minimal requirement FireFox 3.6+ FireFox 3.6+
Minimal requirement Sea Monkey 2+ Sea Monkey 2+
Minimal requirement Google Chrome 11+ Google Chrome 11+
Browsers Support

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